Artisan’s Path

Artisan’s Path is a body of work event to help novices understand the process of entering a judged A&S competition. Any artisan who has not yet been awarded the Silver Lamp (or the equivalent grant level award in another kingdom) may enter. Peers who have not yet received a Lamp or equivalent are also encouraged to enter.

Registration for the event will take place online. This will give us some idea of the number of entrants to expect. On the registration form, one may also request for a particular Laurel or Lamp to visit their work. Please note that this does not guarantee a visit if the requested person is not able to come to the event, but we will make every effort to meet those requests as possible.

Each entrant may bring up to eight items to place in their body of work display. Each entrant will be given a form to fill out to provide some basic documentation for at least one item, if they do not already have documentation available. Novices who do not have a large body of work are definitely encouraged to bring what they can. Those who have a body of work in large scale projects (camp furniture, for example) are advised to be prudent in the size of their display. Performing Artists (including DAPA) are advised to record their performances (if possible) and to have the recordings available on some form of electronic media, with the documented piece to be performed live, possibly more than once. Group projects are allowed but each entrant may be involved in only one group project, and it will be displayed separately.

Each display will be visited by at least two Laurels, but need not be limited to two. Laurels and Lamps are encouraged to freely discuss each display with the entrant. There will be a guided question form provided for each discussion, with notes jotted during the discussion to be left with the entrant. A sign-in sheet will be at each display, with room for an email address in case the entrant has later questions. Documentation, either the form or previously brought documentation, will be read and discussed as well. Constructive criticism and praise is definitely encouraged.

Each Laurel and Lamp in attendance will need to bring small gifts for the entrants. This needs to be more than the standard “happies” that would be given at a regional or KAS, though small happies can also be given to anyone they wish. Laurels are encouraged to bring at least three gifts; Lamps are encouraged to bring at least two. This is so we can ensure that all entrants receive at least one gift to thank them for entering. More gifts may be brought if desired. No one will get a second gift until all entrants receive at least one. This is to be done one on one during the display itself.

The Crown (King and Queen, Prince and Princess) present will Each choose a favorite, and also give a small gift, to be recognized in court. They are All encouraged to sit down with entrants and discuss their body of work as well.

As this is not a judged A&S Faire, there will be no scoring and no top score to be recognized in court. Novices and Rams will be encouraged to enter their documented item into a later Regional Fair or the Kingdom A&S Faire. The basic impetus of this event is to gain feedback on basic or advanced documentation and display, and to make process of the A&S Faires less intimidating. (And we all want to see new people making pretty things!)

Registration forms can be found here.