Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire
Individual Categories

Categories are in boldface

Applied Arts
  • Amber, Bone and Horn
  • Ceramics and Pottery
  • Glass Work
  • Leatherwork
  • Metalwork
  • Woodwork
Domestic Arts
  • Animal Sciences and Horticulture
  • Brewing: grain–based beverage such as beer and ale
  • Vintning: wine, mead, and cordials (non-medicinal)
  • Cooking
  • Apothecary and Still Room Arts
Fine and Graphic Arts
  • Fine Arts: painting, sculpture
  • Calligraphy
  • Illumination
  • Printing Sciences: relief printing (woodcut), intaglio (etching and engraving)
  • Book Arts: bookbinding, papermaking
  • Tools and Colorants: dyes, inks, pigments, pens, brushes (Includes food grade colorants)
Textile Arts
  • Construction: Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Sprang, Knitting, Naalbinding, etc. (Dyeing may be considered as part of entry. Dye-focused entries, especially those using, commercially produced yarn, will be judged in the Tools and Colorants category.)
  • Application: Embroidery, Lacemaking, Beadwork (Printed fabric falls under Printing Sciences.)
  • Clothing—Single Item (Judged off the body, with an emphasis on construction.)
  • Clothing Review (Entire ensemble, judged on the body)
  • Clothing Accessories: shoes, hats, headgear, gloves, bags, belts, scabbards, etc.
  • Creative writing
  • Scholarly Writing (Research papers)
Other Categories
  • Heraldic Arts
  • Historical Technology
  • Performing Arts: European dance, Non-European dance, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Theatrical works, Story Telling, Poetry, miscellaneous street performance such as juggling.
Categories that are not part of scoring for Champion of the Arts
  • SCA Life
  • Youth Open
  • Demonstrating a Period Activity (DAPA)