Gleann Abhann Kingdom and Regional Arts and Sciences Faires


Isn’t the A&S Faire just a big competition?

This is a common misconception. At the Kingdom level, only people who choose to go for Champion of the Arts and Sciences are competing, and usually only two or three people compete for Champion in any given year. Many people simply like to go for their personal best. At the Regional level, a Champion may be chosen at the discretion of the KMoAS.


I would like to get feedback on my work, but do not want a numeric score.

If all you want is feedback, you can request that your entry be Comment Only. The judging sheet is the same as the scored sheet except that the sheet is blue and there is no place to write a score.


I just want people to see my work. Can I participate in the Faire without all that documentation and judging.

Certainly! Just ask for a yellow Display Only sheet. No documentation is required, although there is space on the form to describe your entry.


Who are the judges?

The judging staff is made up of Laurels, members of the Silver Lamp and equivalent A&S orders, and sometimes those whose real life expertise in a particular area qualify them to judge.


How are novice entries judged?

Novice entries, defined as first time entries in a particular category, are judged by the same criteria as other entries. However, the judges’ comments are geared toward the novice’s level of knowledge and skill.


Can I have face to face judging if I want it?

Yes, you can. However, written documentation is still required. Keep in mind that judges will have more time to talk to you about your entry at a Regional Faire than at a Kingdom Faire.


What are those little piles of trinkets and candy sitting next to the entries?

That is largesse: small tokens left by people who admire the entrants’ work. Anyone can leave largesse for an entrant, and artisans love and appreciate these gifts!


Can I sponsor a category?

Yes. Just contact the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences and say which category you would like to sponsor and what prize you will be offering. You can also offer a prize for a best Novice entry, or for a particular culture, such as best Viking bling.