General Rules

The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
Guidelines for the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire

The categories and guidelines presented below are not meant to limit the entrant’s choices, rather, they are meant to assist and bring order to the competition process. This is a fluid document and may be updated at any time as deemed necessary by the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. Please contact the KMoAS for questions, concerns, or additions to this compilation.

General Guidelines for all Entries


  • An entrant can enter up to two entries per category with a limit of twelve for the Faire.
  • Please bring three copies of the documentation for each entry unless stated otherwise.
  • If you are unsure of the category for your entry, please consult with the Kingdom Minister for Arts & Sciences.
  • Reviewers may not move an item to a different category without the express permission of the entrant. (If unable to attend, entrant may allow the individual responsible for the entry to grant permission for any category changes.)
  • Entering one item in more than two categories require KMoAS approval.
  • Entrants may enter an item in one of three ways: Comment with Score, Comment Only, or Display Only. Only items that are scored will be eligible for Champion. Display Only items do not require documentation, only basic information about the entry.

Champion of the Arts Criteria:

  • To be eligible for Champion, you must enter three (3) entries in three (3) categories. One item cannot be entered into multiple categories for the purposes of Champion judging. If an entry is in more than one category, only the highest scoring category for that item will count toward Champion. (Ex: a scroll is entered in both Calligraphy and Illumination. The calligraphy score is 16. The Illumination score is 17. Only the Illumination score is counted toward Champion.)
  • The Champion is determined by averaging the three highest scoring items for each participant. The highest average determines the Champion.
  • In the event of a tie, the Crown and the Laurels will decide the winner.
  • A Champion must receive a minimum average score of 16 to be declared the Champion.

Documentation and Display

  • Entries must be appropriate to one specific time period, country or region, and culture of origin. This specific time period, country/region, and culture of origin should be explicitly stated in the documentation for the entry.
  • Documentation should be for pre-17th century items, unless an exception is noted in the guidelines for the specific category.
  • Wikipedia should not be used as a source for your documentation.
  • Any evidence of plagiarism will disqualify the entry.
  • All aspects of materials, processes, and methods used, including tools and their methods of use, should be documented.
  • All entries should be attractively and appropriately displayed. Please consider the space available and any limitations in designing the presentation.
  • Including photographs of period pieces or illustrations to document style, material, or technique is highly encouraged. Include a source citation for each of these photos.
  • Projects that cannot be transported to be displayed, for reasons of size, immobility, or instability, and projects that are unsuited for actual display should include detailed photographic documentation of both the entry and the processes used to create it.

Methods, Tools, and Materials

  • Use of substitutes or simulated materials is permitted where period varieties or materials are unavailable, unsafe, or prohibitively expensive. Reasons for such substitutions must be explained, and similarities to or differences from period materials needs to be discussed in the documentation. Other uses of non-period or modern materials are discouraged. The exception to this guideline is the SCA Life category (see SCA Life for more info).
  • Use of period materials will yield a higher score for complexity. All toxic materials (e.g. pigments, colorants, etc.) used need to be listed in the documentation for the entry. Any items to be displayed that contain toxic materials must be clearly labeled as containing a toxic substance.
  • Lamé is not a suitable substitute for cloth of gold.
  • Do not use acrylic paints.
  • Do not submit “kit projects”. See glossary for definition.
  • Do not submit your piece until it is finished, unless you wish to display it for Comment Only. Pieces that are steps in a larger project may be entered (e.g. embroidery on an unfinished garment; illumination without calligraphy; etc.), as long as the portion of the project that is being entered is finished.
  • The complexity of the project, as well as its execution, is considered in the overall scoring of an entry.
  • Entries that are simple in nature can be increased in complexity by doing a survey or study that involves multiple items.
  • Modern power tools may be used on entries. However, their use will affect the complexity and the authenticity of the score. Modern power tools include sewing machines, drills, etc.